Q:What equipment can be charged with cr100W01-UK 100W charger?

Answer: CR100W01-UK chargers can charge devices: earphones, mobile phones, tablets, PSPs, notebooks, cameras, and other digital electronic devices

Q: Is the CR100W01-UK 100W charger gallium nitride charger?

A: It's not a GaN charger, it's a regular desktop 100W charger

Q:What is a gallium nitride charger?

A: The chemical name of gallium nitride is GaN, and the gallium nitride charger is a new charging technology device. Chargers made of gallium nitride can have higher power and smaller size. The gallium nitride charger can make the volume smaller under the same power, and the power is larger under the same volume, and the gallium nitride charging conversion efficiency is high, and the heat generation is small.

Q:What is the difference between gallium nitride chargers and regular chargers?

A: The basic material of traditional ordinary chargers is silicon, which is also a very important material in the electronics industry. However, as the limit of silicon is gradually approaching, the development of silicon has reached a certain bottleneck, and many manufacturers have begun to work hard to find more suitable materials. replacement of. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is known as the third generation semiconductor material. Compared with silicon, its performance has been doubled, and it is more suitable for high-power devices, smaller in size, and higher in power density than silicon. The frequency of gallium nitride chips is much higher than that of silicon, which effectively reduces the volume of components such as internal transformers. At the same time, the excellent heat dissipation performance also makes the layout of internal components more precise, which finally perfectly solves the contradiction between charging speed and portability. Clearly, gallium nitride is the replacement material we are looking for.

Q:What are the specifications for appliances?

Answer: At present, the commonly used power specifications of chargers include: 5W/10W/15W/18W/20W/30W/45W/60W/65W/100W, and the AC plug specifications include: Chinese/US/UK/EU/AU

Q: What are the agreements for quick charging?

A: The fast charging protocols include Qualcomm's QC3.0 (9V 2A) and QC4.0 (9V 3A), QC4.0 supports USB PD protocol, general USB PD (9V 2A/9V 3A), Huawei's FCP (9V 2A) ), MediaTek's PE (15W) and so on. Huawei's SCP has two specifications, 10V 4A and 5V 4.5A, OPPO's VOOC (5V 4A) and Super VOOC (10V 5A).

Q:What certifications are required for chargers?

Answer: Air transport identification: UN38.3, China: CCC certification or CQC certification Europe: CE certification and EN62133 safety testing North America: UL certification (UL1642/UL2054), FCC certification Accreditation system: CB certification has many other certifications, such as GS, TUV, ETL, MET, CSA, SAA and China CQC certification.

Q: What fast charging protocols does the CR100W01-UK 100W charger support?

A: The supported protocols are: QC3.0/FCP/FCP/USB PD/SCP

Q: What are the ports for the charger?

A: At present, the charger interface has USB-A interface and TYPE-C interface, which are the two most mainstream interfaces at present.

Q:Why does the charger cover need flame retardant material?

Answer: The charger is actually a transformer, which converts the household 220V alternating current into suitable low-voltage direct current. During the conversion process, about 30% of the electric energy will be consumed and dissipated through the air in the form of heat energy. Therefore, when the mobile phone is charging, the charger will generate a lot of heat energy. In order to protect the user's charging safety, flame-retardant materials are used.