Product for the establishment of the company's middle management team

2022-03-28 15:18:25



In March 2022, Pvi established the Development and Reform Committee. The NDRC is mainly composed of chairman, secretary General, mechanism officer, morale officer, minister of Learning and secretary of discipline inspection commission. All employees of the company have the opportunity to run for any position in the NDRC after three months of employment. The term of office is three months, and the term will be changed every three months. Every time an employee has a birthday or a problem, the company will hold a small party to celebrate his or her birthday or solve the problem. Employees with outstanding performance will be rewarded to maintain their enthusiasm. Let employees can integrate into the collective of the company, feel the warmth of the company.



The establishment of the Development and Reform Commission can better accept the opinions of employees, better understand their needs, and improve the overall development of the company according to their demands. This is also a sign that pin-wei technology is growing.